Employee of the Month

Norton County Hospital's Employee of the Month program started in the fall of 2018. Employees can be nominated by their peers. The nominations are reviewed by the Employee Committee, which votes on one person to be recognized each month. The employee is one who has gone above and beyond representing the motto "Being Our Best."

June 2024

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May 2024

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April 2024

Tabby Harris, PR/ Marketing/
    HR Assistant

March 2024

Kayla Broeckelman, Respiratory Therapist

February 2024

Marla Persinger, RN, Nursing

January 2024

Marla Kuhn, Radiology Tech, Ultrasound

December 2023

Lacey Ninemire, Cardiac Rehab

November 2023

Chaylee Frack, RN, Nursing

October 2023

Carol Richmeier, Cook, Dietary

September 2023

Emily Brack, Medical Billing, Business Office

August 2023

Lana Jones, LPN/Health Coach, Norton Medical Clinic

July 2023

Nikki Wright, Health Information Management

June 2023

Daniel Gilbert, Dietary

May 2023

ReChelle Horinek, Chief Financial Officer

April 2023

Jonna Inman, APRN, Norton Medical Clinic

March 2023

Elsa Temmel, RN, Norton Medical Clinic

February 2023

Jeff Hager, Engineering

January 2023

Theresia Neill, MD

December 2022

Mary Boyce, Dietary

November 2022

Tanya Guthrie, RN

October 2022

Deanna Hawks, LPN, Clinic Nurse

September 2022

Todd Boller, Radiology

August 2022

Shelby Fisher, Rehabilitation

July 2022

Travis Nykamp, RN, Outpatient Clinic

June 2022

Ryan Bainter, Radiology

May 2022

Jennifer Schoenberger, RN, Specialty Clinic Manager

April 2022

Kellie Belleau, RN, Interim Director of Nursing

March 2022

Alasia Kenney, LPN, Specialty Clinic

February 2022

Chelsea Hageman, Occupational Therapy

January 2022

Shaelin Beckstrom, Dietary

December 2021

Mitch Bartels, Radiology Manager

November 2021

Kim Green, Nursing

October 2021

Bethanie Ellis, RN

September 2021

Sarah Mohr, Nursing

August 2021

Alesha Vahling, Human Resources

July 2021

Shawnee Branek, Radiology

June 2021

Josie Logemann, Environmental Services

May 2021

Claudette Graham, Clinic Registration

April 2021

Nancy Vap, Patient Accounts

March 2021

Christen Skrdlant, Business Office

February 2021

Tracy Ostmeyer, Respiratory Therapy

January 2021

Tami Black, Health Information Management

December 2020

Eva Harrington, Environmental Services Manager

November 2020

Valerie Marble, Radiology/Mammography

October 2020

Klare Bliss, RN, CIO

September 2020

Haley Jones, RN

August 2020

Pam Miller, Purchasing Manager

July 2020

Brooke Crawford, Physical Therapy

June 2020

Melody DeWitt, Risk Management & Quality Improvement

May 2020

Jeanne Pharis, Dietary Aide

April 2020

Shannan Hempler, Human Resources

March 2020

Morgan Griffey, Radiology

February 2020

Sierra Wahlmeier, RN

January 2020

Dan Dole, IT/Engineering

December 2019

Jessie Dougherty, RN, Surgery Director

November 2019

Allison McChesney, Radiology/Mammography

October 2019

Heather Saville, Specialty Clinic Manager

September 2019

Ty Bruton, Engineering Manager

August 2019

Julia Thompson, RN, Emergency Preparedness, Safety & Trauma Program Coordinator

July 2019

Ruth Mizell, RN, Cardiac Rehab Director

June 2019

Adam Jolly, Environmental Services

May 2019

Brenda Dole, Dietary Manager

April 2019

Cheryl Mann, Environmental Services/Laundry

March 2019

Tracey Hartzog, Laboratory Manager

February 2019

Kellen Jacobs, Rehabilitation Director

January 2019

Deb Bowen, Chemotherapy/Infusion Nurse

December 2018

Rita Conrad, Dietary Aide

November 2018

Katie Allen, Foundation and Communications Director